Welcome to Edelman Italia’s Year Zero: the Next Gen Lab, which has two generations at its core, Millennials (Y) and Gen Z (Z).

Edelman kicks off a laboratory of ideas and research, aimed at shedding light on this target of a thousand voices and nuances, that brands are struggling to decipher. We thus come into play to sift through the complexity of these two generations, while, at the same time, removing any filters on their contradictions.

We are in sync with their emotions, words, thoughts, behaviors. And we can tell you about them, because we are just like them.

We belong to ever-evolving generations, difficult to label. With Year Zero we want to mark a new starting point, a new way of imagining communication.

How? Thanks to our tools, our continuous monitoring, our direct experience, we are able to intercept new publications, trends and campaigns to draw inspiration and suggestions for brands that want to give a nod to young people. To us.