Dennis Redmont

Dennis Redmont

Dennis counsels a wide range of the agency’s clients across various sectors (Energy, Transportation, Finance, Food and Beverage, Multimedia).

Born in the United States, Dennis worked as a veteran foreign correspondent and news executive, with a vast experience throughout Europe and the United States.

During his career, he reported from over 80 countries and in 1978 he was Pulitzer Prize finalist for his Vatican and papal coverage.

Dennis is the co-author of “Mass media e nuova Europa” (Mondadori, 2005), adjunct professor at the RAI Graduate School of Journalism in Perugia and at The Sole 24 Ore Business School in Rome and Milan.

He has served four times as president of Italy’s 100-year-old Foreign Press Association (StampaEstera) and currently heads the Communications, Media and Development sector of the Rome-based Council for the United States and Italy.