Just a few months following the Covid-19 outbreak, many Italians spent their sacred summer holidays in the country, giving them the opportunity to rediscover a magical land with varied regional cultures and traditions.

To emphasize the synergy between 8K content created on smartphones and the ability to relive them on QLED 8K TVs, we promoted connecting mobility at home through Samsung’s Connected Living experience.

The concept centered around conveying the beauty of our country through a short film in 8K, co-created with four of the most acclaimed Italian photographers and travel influencers.


The purpose behind the short film was to celebrate Italy during such a challenging time, and to offer Italians a video story that highlighted the beauty of Italy in all its details. A creative concept with high emotional impact: images of extraordinary places, cultural and eno-gastronomic resources, as well as stories of social redemption, hope and a “new normal,” were captured with the use of a new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone.

To communicate the initiative, inspire consumers and launch a call to action, Edelman and Samsung created: a short film, launched with a press conference in Milan, and a contest asking users to create and upload videos of their Italian summer getaways, with Galaxy S20 smartphones and a QLED 8K TVs as prizes.

Over the summer, the four photographers and travel influencers shared their experiences across their social channels, encouraging followers to join the challenge and sharing their perspectives of Italy from a new angle, emphasizing what the country is renowned for, including its eno-gastronomic, natural, and cultural heritage.


A 360° campaign with a strong digital focus, which supported the country’s tourism industry, and conveyed a collective desire to “restart.” Samsung's short film generated buzz across Italian media platforms, including:

  • 15 journalists attending a “socially distanced” launch press conference
  • 47 articles generated with a total readership of over 85 million Italians
  • 4 leading influencers engaged with a total of over 434,000 impressions across on their social channels

But the project did not end there. The journey continued in the Fall, from North to South, exploring the wonders of Italy's five UNESCO World Heritage sites, with another top travel influencer who explained the synergy between the new smartphone and the 8K QLED TV via two Instagram stories, with over 286,000 impressions.