Over 2 million people suffer from MS worldwide, with 72.000 in Italy. MS usually strikes at a young age and makes the future uncertain. People suffering cannot foresee how it develops, the effect or timing. However, online conversation and observations by the National observatory of women’s health (Onda) both online and offline showed that, for many patients, life does not stop.

In response, Biogen asked Edelman to ideate the need for a creative and strategic PR program to show the real face of MS and create a public movement by unveiling the many voices trying hard to convince the world: “I am not crazy to live a normal life.”


The campaign unveiled the real face of MS and adopted an unconventional approach, with the ideation of a challenging and ironic claim: “Io Non Sclero” which changed the tone and allowed patients to find their true voice. The main challenge was to support patients in looking towards their future like any other person.

The program started with the creation and production of six episode web series. 

Now in its third year, the campaign has released 7 new episodes, organized special gatherings on the occasion of World MS Day, instigated a call to action for fans to send video messages of positivity, created an Io Non Sclero e-book to display the real-life stories and the many messages and comments from the community, which was then transformed into a printed version in partnership with Mondadori (the largest Italian book retailer).


The campaign brought to life a more light-hearted and positive tone, which struck a chord with audiences.

In the first 6 months, we generated over 69 million media impressions and the website was visited over 77,000 times with 33% of the visits from the target audience (aged between 25 and 34 years old). The various platforms and key messages of the campaign created a strong community of people directly affected by the disease but also the general public.

The success of the first 6 months, turned a 1-year awareness campaign into a lifetime movement. The campaign is now in its third year and moving to new heights and successes every year.