People living with Crohn's disease have to deal with an "impossible" agenda. Because of this chronic inflammatory bowel disease, in fact, their daily life features an unpredictable succession of periods of well-being and exacerbations that keeps them from scheduling their appointments, which are often postponed or cancelled.


Edelman designed "Waiting for Crohn - The Impossible Agenda" for Janssen Cilag: an awareness campaign about Crohn's disease. An experiential storytelling project was born from the patients' reality, with different live formats for external and internal audiences.

For external communications, Edelman sparked a creative collaboration with The Pills (comedic viral videomakers), developing a video that shares, in an unconventional way and with the unmistakable irony of the comic group, the "impossible agenda" of those who live with Crohn. The video was then amplified on The Pills' Facebook page, their Youtube channel, on the patients' association website and on Janssen's owned media channels.

Moreover, to raise awareness of the unpredictability that affects the reality of those suffering from the pathology, the project was integrated into Milan' theatre's scene. In fact, before the beginning of a very popular stage show, a voice-over announced that the performance would cancelled because of ... Crohn! In this way the audience experienced on their own skin the meaning of "unpredictability" while, surprised and confused, they watched a short sketch of The Pills, explaining the discomfort of those who have to deal with Crohn every day.

The " impossible agenda" has been the fil rouge of the entire campaign, including experiential storytelling activities in support of employee engagement: from mystery games to treasure hunts to candid camera to let the Pharmaceutical Informants and the company board learn about Crohn's Disease, allowing them experience first-hand the challenges of those who live with this disorder.


Patients, public opinion and the internal audience reacted very positively to the creative approach taken with this campaign. A key factor that made the communication effective and incisive, as is evident from the many comments received, was the ability to talk about the disease in a spontaneous and ironic way and therefore to spread its knowledge very effectively.

- 2019 Assorel Prize Awards, “Best Creative PR Idea”

- 2019 Assorel Prize Awards, "Best Internal Communication"