An indisputable leader in the Italian market, Mutti was founded in 1889 as a family company specialized in tomato products. Over the years, it has been able to evolve and become a contemporary, global business, positioning itself internationally as a symbol of “Made in Italy” excellence.

Mutti has always been committed to protecting and enhancing the Italian territory, with particular attention to quality and supply chain control through its relationship with farmers. Similarly, the company has helped lead an industry-wide transformation by addressing consumers’ expectations for the food industry first-hand by setting higher standards relating to product origins, sustainability and overall transparency.


With an understanding that “quality begins with the field and with who farms it,” the company over the years has spearheaded a number of collaborative projects focused on its producers that led to the creation of the ‘Pomodorino d’Oro’ event in 2000. This annual internal event recognizes Mutti’s agricultural partners who excel in the production of tomatoes while adhering to a series of qualitative and sustainability-focused standards. And what’s more, thanks to the company’s partnership with the WWF, Mutti developed an initiative focused on concrete CSR objectives which in 2015 obtained excellent results, including a 4.6% reduction of water use and 27% reduction of CO2 emissions when compared to 2009 figures.


Within this context, Edelman identified the internal Pomodorino d’Oro concept as a communications platform with huge public-facing potential, along with the development of a storytelling content strategy based around the tomato’s life cycle.

Inspired by the age-old end-of-season tomato festival traditions, Edelman ideated a “celebratory day” focused on the Pomodorino d’Oro concept. With a “double-soul” targeting both corporate and consumer audiences, the day positioned farmers as “modern Earth Heroes.” Indeed, their credibility and long-lasting relationship with Mutti ensured they were trusted spokespersons to help tell this engaging story. Edelman worked with the “modern Heroes” to develop content sharing the stories of their daily lives and the importance of the responsible production of excellent tomatoes. For the occasion, Edelman also conceptualized and organized a media and stakeholder event celebrating these heroes, as well as featuring live cooking demos with traditional Italian recipes. Furthermore, the event also served as the occasion for Mutti to share the company’s annual sustainability report and results previously mentioned.

The result? A true, winning “Pomo d’Oro” from farm to table!


The key moments:

• Media and bloggers from across Italy attended the event, with a steady stream of conversation across all forms of media
• Press coverage focused on the event as well as interviews featuring Francesco Mutti on leading broadcast outlets such as Tg4 and Studio Aperto, as well as dedicated print articles in top-tier outlets such as Corriere della Sera and Il Venerdi-La Repubblica
• Social media buzz on event protagonists and attendees’ channels via the hashtag #muttipomodorodapremio, reaching an audience of more than 2.6 million impressions and more than 200 mentions

2.6 million reach Live Tweeting

200 mentions #MuttiPomodorodaPremio

We also worked with leading CSR media personalities (Luca Conti and Andrea Radic) and select food bloggers (Teresa Balzano, Marta Tovaglieri and Paola Sucato) to help tell our story.

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